Energy systems

Sustainable energy is one of the fundamental global challenges today and has broad relevance for policy, economics, business, and development. Energy usage is closely linked to living standards and is at the core of social and economic development.

Digitized and integrated energy systems have the highest priority in Energi21, the national research and innovation strategy for new climate-friendly energy technology, and following the Paris agreement on reducing CO2 emissions, the energy systems need to continue to integrate large shares of energy from renewable sources.

This transition to sustainable energy systems require large-scale changes across society and a fundamental reform of the current way how energy services are being produced and delivered, balancing the energy systems and improving storage of renewable energy.

The nature of energy and environmental challenges and the energy-related societal and economic problems, require analysis with an interdisciplinary approach which is well suited for combining the efforts and complementary expertise and knowledge between the Energiomstilling VEST (EOV) partners

Within Energy policy and management research, EOV work within several fields of expertise om regional, national and international levels, and explore and solve research questions within topics like multidisciplinary data analysis to understand of the energy system and for assessing whether the energy transition is following a sustainable pathway within energy system and market analysis.

EOV partners are contributing to the development of future zero emission solutions for both construction and business, have expertise in simulations of energy systems, design of integrated cost and energy-efficient solutions, instrumentation and monitoring of systems, analyzing trends in decentralized markets and electricity grids, increase in fuel diversity and the numbers of actors in the energy markets.

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