The knowledge hub
on sustainable energy

Energiomstilling Vest (EOV) will work together with businesses, policymakers, public management and society at large to create a green future for the energy and industry nation Norway.

The vision for EOV is to create a fast and fair energy transition, nationally and internationally by: ​

- strengthening the cooperation between the R&D communities, business, the industry clusters and the public sector, with special focus on Western Norway

- mobilizing more people to work on energy transition

- increasing the visibility of the competence, expertise and knowledge environments among the partners

Energy transition intervenes in all areas of society and research and education, cross sector cooperation and interdiciplinary knowledge is crucial in achieving a zero-emission society.

Recent updates

Energiomstilling Vest (EOV) strongly believes that the key to a successful sustainable energy transition in society, is through collaboration, digitalization and technology.

We take on new challenges, contribute with expertise and competence, communicate and develop our activities, educations and research accomplishments towards a zero-emission society.

Energiomstilling Vest

EOV is a joint academic effort based in Western Norway to take action and contribute with multidisciplinary research, innovation and education.

Our research partners have long experience in collaboration with industry, public offices and management, and have contributed to important knowledge development, research and innovation.

We believe in collaboration with users and stakeholders, and aim at playing an important role to develop knowledge and business towards a sustainable low-emission society.


Our purpose

The knowledge cluster EOV, seek to draw connections between different pieces of information in important areas for sustainable energy transition and transformation.

Our partners have strong established, renowned professional environments in technology development, natural sciences, engineering, economics, law and social sciences within a wide range of sectors.

EOV will contribute with our wide range of complementary expertise and join our efforts in an inter-disciplinary approach towards identifying challenges, develop and update knowledge to enable a sustainable energy transition.

Selected Clusters and Networks

EOV partners are members and participate in several arenas important for the energy transition, and seek to collaborate, facilitate and complement the established clusters and networks, as well as to join efforts in a wide range of activities important for energy transition and transformation.