Energy economy and markets

Future development and prosperity depend on access to energy. In making the energy transition sustainable, bioeconomy and environmental economics play a large role towards the goal of achieving sustainably stable market conditions for clean and fair energy. The relationship between energy resources, technology, market and policy affects energy production, prices and profitability. One of the key measures for reallocation of capital is to create stable and predictable regulatory frameworks and market conditions for investment in clean energy

There is a need to align the financial system with broader sustainability and energy transition requirements, as well as interactions of business and government in commercial energy and natural resource development.

Norway has access to extensive renewable bioresources and can invest heavily in bioeconomy- related activities. Bioresources are processed for applications in food, energy, health, materials and industrial products, as bio-waste has high potential added value as a feedstock for other productive processes. There is an increasing focus on environmental impact of business and government decisions, and knowledge on the effects of environmental policies on the economy.

The societal and economic problems related to energy and environmental challenges require an interdisciplinary approach, combining the efforts and complementary expertise, well suited for Energiomstilling VEST (EOV) partners. Within Energy policy and management research, EOV partners work within several fields of expertise on regional, national, and international levels:

- energy markets

- green investments and incentives

- energy and policies and politics

- trade and supply of renewable energy

- environmental natural resource economics

- shipping, transport and logistics

- market flexibility, business and management (taxes, regulations, international vs national).

- renewable biological resources to sustainably produce biomass



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