Vestland CCUS 2022

Vestland CCUS 2022 is a seminar on carbon capture, storage and use of carbon (CCUS). This is the forth time the seminar has been organized ( previously in 2018, 2019 and 2020) and took took place 22-23 November in Bergen/Øygarden.

It is organized by NORCE and University of Bergen in collaboration with Grøn Region Vestland, Øygarden Næringsutvikling, Bergen Kommune, Gassnova and Energiomstilling Vest

The target group is regional and national actors from the public and private sector with an interest in realizing CCUS, and will, among other things, deal with the Norwegian full-scale CCS project, the added value that is/can be achieved in Western Norway, among other things, through the use of carbon.

We have an energy crisis and a climate crisis. For CCS to be part of the solution, we need to move quickly, and all sectors have to work together.

In the western part of Norway we have a lot of smaller SMB that are agile, forward-thinking, and bold. This provides enormous opportunities to test some of the technology that has been developed, in R&D and the companies. We can work on solutions for western Norway, and the ideas and the experience can be exported and used internationally, says Sarah Gasda, Research Director at NORCE at Vestland CCUS 2022.

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