ENE Centre at NHH

ENE Centre (Energy, Natural Resources and Environment) )is a cross-disciplinary area covering and combining research in several core topics such as energy markets, management of renewable and non-renewable resources and the environment and climate change.

ENE offers rigorous and empirical research to support decision-making by government, industry and other stakeholders. It draws upon general economic theory and tools from management science, finance and specifically from applied theories for dynamic decision-making under uncertainty.

Currently the ENE-activity covers:

-Economic fundamentals of the energy and natural resource value chains

-Energy systems: Institutions, participant interactions, market incentives and decision making

-Revenue and operations management of natural resources

-Market mechanisms, transmission pricing and risk management in power markets

-Policies and market instruments for integrating renewable energy technologies

-The fishing industry and resource utilization

-Marine ecosystem management and value creation

-Business challenges in aquaculture and ocean farming

-Environmental and climate policies: Business and governmental interactions

-The impact of regulatory schemes on commercial energy and resource development

-Environmental perspectives on land and maritime transport

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