Sustainable management

Sustainable management is an important part of the ability to successfully maintain the quality of life on our planet,a

In energy transitions sustainable management mainly is connected to management of natural resources. Increasing consumers’ preferences towards product sustainability is evident and this is also the case going forward towards a sustainable energy market.

The producers of energy need to consider the sustainability in shifting to a greener economy, not only for their products lifetime, but also for the impact that affects society at large.

The interactions within the environment and entire ecosystems needs to be considered for future environmental challenges -not only isolated single issues, species, or ecosystem services. This requires a cross-sectoral considerations of interactions between sectors of human activity (e.g. fishing and off-shore energy development in offshore environments and combine these multiple levels in order to address the cumulative impacts of different sectors.

EOV partners work with the challenges related to how value-creation in companies can best be measured, analysed and managed to find optimal solutions to complicated decision-making processes.


Photo and Illustrations: Helge Hansen/BKK, Colourbox, Alena Koval/Pexel, Katalin Rhorvát/Pexel



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