Centre for Sustainable Subsurface Resources (CSSR),

EOV partner NORCE has today been awarded the Research Centre for Petroleum (Petro Centre) Centre for Sustainable Subsurface Resources (CSSR), with UiB as its main partner.

The green transition on the Norwegian shelf is full of challenges and opportunities. Tomorrow's reservoirs will be driven by electrical energy. Reservoir operations will change in fundamental ways as we move from a stable operation with gas turbines to a dynamic operation with renewable energy. The reservoir can also become part of the energy mix. Surplus energy can be stored underground in the form of hydrogen to balance large variations in energy production typical of renewable energy.

- We know a lot about the underground, but not in the context of the future. We have research topics few have begun thinking about, but which are important in the transition to green and renewable energy. Long-term thinking is needed! In this centre, we have the opportunity for broad and creative testing of the subsurface in a safe environment, before the methods will be used in the industry, says Sarah Gasda, head of the petroleum centre and research leader at NORCE.

Electrification on the Norwegian shelf with renewable energy together with growth in hydrogen and carbon storage are key parts of the industry's strategy for the green transition. Offshore emissions account for more than 25 percent of Norway's greenhouse gas emissions.

- This is an exciting opportunity to build a national knowledge hub around first-class expertise from decades of experience in petroleum technology and reservoir management. The industry is facing critical decisions within an increasingly complex and dynamic setting of the green energy system. We have to restructure our thinking and reservoir workflow today to meet tomorrow's zero-emission ambitions, Gasda says.

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