The Norwegian Cognitive Center

The Norwegian Cognitive Center builds competence on AI cross industries and public sector, by training AI platforms on new industries and problems, and by laying the foundation for new research and knowledge.

Artificial intelligence will be key for future development and competitiveness in all industries in the years to come. There is however a large gap between research and the industrial capabilities of using AI to solve major challenges and explore possibilities (Digital Norway).

This is why a broad national consortium in Norway, together with IBM,  launched a national center for cognitive technology, aiming to raise expertise and competence in artificial intelligence, and fuel and accelerate implementation of AI by sharing and collaborating on data, resources, competence, insight, innovation and joint projects.

Norwegian Cognitive Center is organized as a joint project and is a neutral initiative, funded in a combination of public funds and industry contributions.

The center will develop a number of specific projects within industries such as aquaculture, media, finance, tourism, healthcare, real estate, infrastructure and the public sector, as well as initiate research project

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