Sustainble area usage

When political decisions are made regarding the efficient use of area, it is important to base it on the whole concept of sustainability, involving both environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Many different interests range from conservation interests and recreation to vital industrial interests. For instance for sea area such are traditional fisheries, aquaculture, oil and gas extraction, wind turbine parks, transport and tourism.

Different categories of use for land or sea areas must all be considered in the area plans. Also, in protected areas coexistence and opportunities for simultaneous use and conservation must always be evaluated.

Clean Energy for all Europeans package, in short, referred to as the Clean Energy Package (CEP), is a set of eight legislative acts on t he energy performance of buildings, renewable energy, energy efficiency, governance and electricity market design. This will require both Water and Energy conservation, to be clean and mirror a fairness in collective burden sharing of the challenges e.g., when it comes to use of area etc.

Sustainable use of area when considering upscaling renewable energy production must strive towards the basis for best possible production within a limited geographical area and without unacceptable negative impact on the environment. This needs to be ensured through sound knowledge, a good management system and good practice.

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