Gas technology and thermic machines

Thermal machines are the dominant technology for converting chemical energy to mechanical work. We are totally dependent on thermal machines for transport on land and at sea or in the air.

In the last years there is a growing concern about the access and price of energy and the environment. It is therefore vital that we use the energy as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, by studying important systems and components critical to operation, performance and environmental impact of Gas technology and thermic machines.

The oil and gas industry is facing increasing demands to clarify the implications of energy transitions for their operations and business models. According to IEA, the recognition that oil and natural gas play critical roles in today’s energy and economic systems, and that affordable, reliable supplies of liquids and gases (of different types) are necessary parts of a vision of the future.

EOV partners have expertise in several areas regarding optimization of the operation and performance of existing machinery on fossil fuels. Gas will likely remain a key part of many industrial heat applications in the coming decades, but it is imperative to reduce energy-related emissions in line with international climate targets. Meaning that technologies and innovations should be developed, tested, and considered to deliver optimized and energy efficient solutions for industrial gas applications.



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