Robinson is a Horizon 2020 project ROBINSON has officially started on 1 October 2020. The main mission is to develop an integrated energy system to help decarbonise islands.

ROBINSON-Smart integration of local energy sources and innovative storage for flexible,secure and cost-efficient energy supply on industrialized islands.

Islands often find it challenging to ensure a clean, secure and cost-effective supply of energy.  The 18 partners of the consortium will work together to develop and deploy an integrated, smart and cost-efficient energy system coupling thermal and electrical networks, which will optimise the utilisation of local renewable energy sources.

The system will be demonstrated on the island of Eigerøy (Norway) and lab-scale level replication studies will be conducted for the island of Crete (Greece) and the Western Isles (Scotland).

For more information contact project lead in NORCE Peter Breuhaus.