Environmental and assurance CO2 monitoring

Environmental andassurance CO2 monitoring.

For many years EOV partners have been involved in a number of projects focusing on how to design cost efficient monitoring programs. Such programs will ease communicating pros and cons of the technology and align offshore storage projects with sustainabl emanagement of our oceans.

EOV partners lead two large European ACT CCS Projects: DigiMon and ACTOM

The overall objectiveof the DigiMon project is to accelerate the implementation of CCS bydeveloping and demonstrating an affordable, flexible, societally embedded andsmart Digital Monitoring early-warning system, for monitoring any CO2 storagereservoir and subsurface barrier system, receiving CO2 from fossil fuel powerplants, oil refineries, process plants and other industries. https://digimon.norceprosjekt.no/home

ACTOM project will work with research for the advancement ofoffshore monitoring to ensure alignment of CO2 storage projects with nationaland international regulations and societal concerns. An interdisciplinaryconsortium will apply methods to critically assess secure storage as thistechnology becomes implemented internationally as a key greenhouse gasemissions reductions strategy. https://actom.w.uib.no//